4 thoughts on “Boardwalk Empire

  1. I love Henry in that cap, because his great-grandpa Henry wore that kind. This photo of Henry is absolutely adorable ! And it looks like y’all are out in the country in the middle of nowhere, although I know you’re right there in the city. What a variety of interesting spots in NYC ! Love y’all so much !

    • Yeah, I was commenting to Jacqui that the designers of the park did a good job of secluding the boardwalk as much as possible considering it’s located in a busy park between the West Side Hwy. and Hudson River.

  2. The colors are great and love the look on his face, still gets more cute everyday! What a kid! Would like to hug on him……

  3. These pictures are beautiful! The colors, the textures, and of courses that beautiful handsome boy! Sure do miss you guys!

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