April Fool’s Day Joke

In case anyone was worried, yesterday’s post was definitely an April Fool’s Day joke. Mark and I thought it would be funny to show this little guy crossing a big intersection (an intersection with high traffic in Manhattan). Judging from the lack of comments, we are pretty certain family and friends may have been afraid they were being too judgmental if they said anything. We definitely don’t let Henry cross busy intersections alone…yet. Hopefully we fooled a few people, just for fun.

Below is the photo we used to play the prank. Notice, I am close behind.


5 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Joke

  1. Matt will be please to know that he was correct. I am happy as well to know it was just a joke. Have to admit my heart skipped more than a beat. I thought “well maybe New Yorkers are used to lots of people, including kids walking”. Good one, you got me!

  2. Thank goodness! I too was at a loss for words and almost had a heart attack when I saw this. Now that we know it was an April Fools joke, it made it pretty darn funny! Maybe next year he can go skydiving. Keep up the good work at keeping us on the edge of our seats with your precious pictures.

  3. Next year I’ll be ready for y’all ! Yes, I agree with Kathy, maybe skydiving next year ! You would have also got me, but I’m glad Betty told me or I’d have had a few skipped heartbeats, too! This has the hallmarks of a Mark joke, I think. He’s known in his family for fooling us from time to time – just ask him what kind of dog he had.

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