Henry and Isla

Henry and I traveled to Connecticut to visit our friends Jessica and Isla. We toured the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium. Although both kids enjoyed the animals, they really enjoyed running around and investigating the building itself more. Henry touched a jellyfish for the first time and he screamed with delight.

Memorial Day Bike Ride

Henry and I were only able to take our bike out a few times last fall and he wasn’t too keen on the idea. His helmet would fall over his eyes and I would have to stop many times to check on him. Flash forward to spring and the helmet is almost too small, but Henry was very enthusiastic about the idea of putting it on and riding in the bike seat (he was comfortable enough to fall asleep very early in the ride). I am still a little timid about riding on the crowded west side bike path, but hopefully I will get more confident too.


Henry and I start our short ride on Reade Street.

Big Bed

Today I adjusted Henry’s crib to its toddler bed position in the hopes of making it more appealing to him for bedtime. Actually Henry “helped” with the conversion by wielding the screwdriver (causing Jacqui a lot of stress) so now he seems to have a stake in the project and for this first night at least, is using it.