Fountains of Fun

There are many parks within walking distance of our apartment. Each park usually has a sprinkler/fountain for Henry to enjoy. It seems as though we can go to a different one each day of the week.

The doggie fountains are in an older park that we have been to many times, but hadn’t noticed the great “doggie” fountains until last week.

Readers may recall the colorful water park of Pier 25 from the famous post “Little Squirt” in May.


4 thoughts on “Fountains of Fun

  1. Seriously, I think a kid could still freeze to death here. The outdoor pool has opened but still only getting into the low, low 70. Really cold Spring. Henry Boy has so many wonderful opportunities. He is getting so big. Hope to see him by Aug of next year. He will be graduating from HS by then I figure!

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