Summer Tuesday

Henry had a laid back Tuesday with a visit from our neighbor, Gabe and two trips to the sprinklers. He has enjoyed playing with the new dump trucks Aunt Juj and Cousin Mae sent to us over the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Summer Tuesday

  1. Oh! Glad he likes his construction set! It’s nice to have a little boy to buy all that neat stuff for. Love him!!

  2. With all the photos of Henry, I can definitely see how he growing, what size clothing is he wearing now? Jacqui, you dress him so cute.

  3. Yeah, as I told you, those are popular toys on the playground. He does love them. Betty, he is in the 18-24 month size (nearing 2T), but those particular clothes in the photo are hand me downs from a friend. We have really benefitted from hand me downs.

  4. So happy to see Henry having such fun, with Gabe and with the cute new trucks from Aunt Juj & Cousin Mae. I agree with Betty, Henry’s always adorable and cutely dressed!

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