Daycare Graduation ’14

The annual graduation ceremony took place at Henry’s daycare yesterday. This is mostly for children who are three and will be going to school in the fall, but all the children take part and send them off in style. Several of the friends Henry has come to know in the last year and a half will be leaving Maryellen’s. He will now be one of the veterans and take the stage next year. Congratulations to all the young graduates!

Summer Sunday Playdates

Henry had a busy Sunday playing with friends and visiting another borough. My friend and former colleague, Heather brought her two children, Billy and Fiona downtown to play for a few hours early in the morning. Henry had not yet met these two sweet kids, and they had a great time hanging out and getting to know one another.

After Heather and family’s visit, Henry and I headed to Brooklyn to hang out with Jessica, Stacey and their two girls, Isla and Vera. The kids spent some time in the kiddie pool while the moms were able to drink a bit of champagne. Sidenote: Stacey’s husband, Paul, made a wonderful smoked brisket.


Billy, Henry and Fiona walk to Washington Market Park hand in hand.