Monkeyin’ Around

Henry and I ventured out of the neighborhood once again today. We went to the Prospect Park Zoo which seemed like just the right size for someone his age on their first visit to a zoo. Henry was very enamored of the birds, but got quite spooked when a mountain goat tried to lick his hand. One side note: there were cows and sheep on display. This made me laugh because I grew up seeing both animals often, but they must look exotic to city kids.

After seeing some real baboons, we went to the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, which has a big sprinkler area for kids. I can’t speak for Henry, but judging from his reactions, I would venture to say, he had a great day (so did I).

3 thoughts on “Monkeyin’ Around

  1. Wonderful photos, Jacqui ! Henry’s adorable, as always, in every single photo! I loved the video, seeing him enjoy the fountain and wave and say Hi to the monkeys. I’m so glad both you and Henry had such an enjoyable day together on his first visit to the zoo.

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