New Play Pal

Henry met a new friend named Brandon at the playground today. They ended up hitting it off, laughing, running around, playing with their cars. Brandon is not from the neighborhood so Henry enjoyed showing him some other hangouts (playgrounds). Both boys were disappointed when we had to call it a day, but we hope to meet up with him (and parents) again sometime soon.

4 thoughts on “New Play Pal

  1. Hi Jacqui,
    It’s Ibeth…Brandon’s mom. I just wanted to say thank you for showing us around the area there are very nice playgrounds in your neighborhood.

    It is always a joy to see happiness in our children..and Henry and Brandon had an awesome day together… I am glad they met 🙂

    Henry did a great job in showing Brandon around the park…they had a blast!! Hope to meet again soon.. I would like to share some pictures with you via text message .. If you like you can add to this blog of our kids having fun 🙂

    Thank you again

  2. Hi Ibeth,
    I was glad Henry could show Brandon his the playgrounds he frequents as he is usually just with me. He really had a great time laughing and running around with Brandon. He was saying some form of Brandon’s name last night (as best he could).
    Definitely share your photos when you get a chance.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. So glad Henry met Brandon – both of them such cute boys! Looked to be having lots of fun together. Kids often do bring their parents together, which is great.

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