Weekend Roundup

Fall is a busy season for cultural events in the city and Henry is at a fun age to start attending some of them. Photoville is an ongoing photography exhibit with gallery space inside shipping containers on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Let’s be honest though, Henry would much rather climb on playground equipment than look at a photos. Attending cultural events is mainly for parents to enjoy an adult activity and if we can possibly spark some interest from Henry, it’s an added bonus. It is nice when the two combine a little bit as in the Sesame Street exhibit (see previous post).

On another note, while walking home from the playground on Sunday, we passed by the firehouse (FDNY Tower Ladder 1/Engine 7) in our neighborhood. We just happened to turn Henry in the direction of the firetrucks, and an incredibly nice (and handsome too) firefighter, Patrick invited us into the firehouse for closer look at the firetrucks. Henry was very excited and it really made me appreciate all the firefighters of New York City.

How to Get to Sesame Street

From now until the end of January, you can get to Sesame Street by taking the 1,2,3 trains to the West 66th St./Lincoln Center stop and visiting the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts where a retrospective exhibit of memorabilia from the show’s 45 years on the air is free to the public.

Sand Beneath Their Feet

Mark went on an all guy’s camping trip over the weekend. Henry and I decided to have our own getaway so we headed to Connecticut to see Isla, Jessica and Gray. The kids, once again, got along really well. They both had a great time on the beach, throwing wet sand and getting their feet, faces, hands and clothes very dirty in the process. It has been great to see the Burn family several times this summer especially since Isla and Henry’s vocabularies are expanding and they are able to actually have small forms of conversation now.

Kickin’ It

Henry and I saw our neighbor, Fred on the way to the park yesterday and the two kicked the ball around for a bit. Fred calls Henry the “Mayor of the 9th Floor” because Henry is often in the hall (we live on the 9th floor) running and yelling.

Book Boat

We took a short walk to Pier 25 where the LILAC Steamship is docked and for a limited time is host to a floating library.

Henry at the helm:

Art Connoisseur

We visited a few art galleries in Chelsea (and the West Village) today. In particular, we wanted to show Henry an exhibit by the sculptor, Nancy Rubins called “Our Friend Fluid Metal” which is made from countless salvaged playground toys.

The other highlight was a show called “Multiple Personalities” by Rob Pruitt at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in the West Village.