Celebrating Two Years

Henry’s birthday is today. If the first two years go this fast, he will be a teenager in no time. As his mother, I will continue to feel nostalgia every September 5th, while his anticipation for his birthday will grow when he learns what it means.

Today, we had a short celebration with cake and asked Gabe and Jake to come help sing Happy Birthday. Tomorrow, we will have his party with his friends in the park (crossing our fingers that it does not rain).

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Two Years

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Henry Clyde ! He’s so adorable and growing so fast ! I can understand your nostalgia, Jacqui, even as you watch him grow cuter each day, month and year. You and Mark are doing a wonderful job as parents for our precious Henry boy ! The cake looks delicious, wish I could grab a slice ! So nice of Gabe and Jake to help Henry celebrate. I love the little train. Hope tomorrow’s weather is perfect for Henry’s birthday party in the park !

  2. Oh my heart breaks that I cannot see little Henry Boy as he grows up. I know he will have a wonderful birthday. I am planning to come next August and am adding flier miles as we speak. Thank you for sharing these pieces of Henry’s life with us. I love you all.

  3. Thanks Grandma Lois and Trix. We had a great day and Henry had a wonderful time-or so it appeared. I think it was a perfect venue and more kids than expected turned out to say hi.

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