Big Celebration

Henry’s big celebration for his 2nd birthday took place at Washington Market Park today. Many of his friends from daycare and other walks of life attended. Mark and I felt it was a success. Henry wore himself out eating watermelon, running around shirtless, yelling and opening gifts once we returned home.

3 thoughts on “Big Celebration

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Party to Henry ! The park and the party look great, and Henry looks to be having a wonderful time. The other kids are so cute, too! So glad the rain stayed away and everything went well for our boy’s birthday party. Terrific photos, thanks for sharing !

  2. PS – When I was a kid, I used to sit with my legs exactly like Sierra’s are in the photo! Some people used to comment on it, and some thought I was double-jointed, I’m not, it just felt comfortable. Now all these decades later, I’m lucky to bend these old knees at all!

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