3 thoughts on “QB in the Grasp

  1. Cute little Saints figures ! What a great gift! Yeah, bummer about their first game. We were at Orleans restaurant,with about 100 other fleur-de-lis wearing Saints fans watching the game on their screens. Then towards the end a severe thunderstorm hit and knocked out all the TV reception! All the guys got out their cell phones and we got the bad news about how the overtime ended. It was then a mighty quiet restaurant, with everyone dashing thru the rain to their cars, including us. Of course I “dash” very slowly 🙂 Oh, well, next week, Who Dat!!

    • Yep, but NOW they have a win, so WHO DAT !!! I texted Chris and he & Janette were there yelling their heads off! I’m mad because I read in the paper that some guy, I think a sportscaster, called the Texans “garbage” after their loss this past weekend. Not just because we live in Houston, but that’s a mean comment to make about any team, no matter how many games they’ve lost. The Saints are still our team, but we root for the Texans if they’re not playing the Saints. Go, Saints!, Who dat, Drew dat! And Good Luck, Texans!

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