6 thoughts on “Hold On, I’m Coming

  1. Oh man, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! You are so patient Jackets. I love how many different ways he comes up with to come down those stairs. I remember when he was just tiny, looking at all those stairs. They still seem to be endless, but he knows how to maneuver them really well. What a kid! He is so proud when he says he is ‘2,’ more so because he likes to make you laugh I think. What a cutie, loved this video so much!!

  2. Me, too, I enjoyed this video so much, it made me smile and laugh, watched it twice. Henry just keeps getting more and more adorable! Even with these old ears, I could plainly hear Henry say “I’m coming” and could almost hear when he said he’s two. How smart our boy is, and like Aunt Juj, I love all the ways he came up with to get down the stairs. I sure couldn’t manage that many stairs – Bravo to Henry! And yes, I love how you interact with your son, Jacqui and how patient a mom you are.

  3. Well, I am not THAT patient, but it was so sweet when he started saying “I coming” that I couldn’t rush the little guy. He has started to say lots more just within the last few weeks.

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