Art Connoisseur

We visited a few art galleries in Chelsea (and the West Village) today. In particular, we wanted to show Henry an exhibit by the sculptor, Nancy Rubins called “Our Friend Fluid Metal” which is made from countless salvaged playground toys.

The other highlight was a show called “Multiple Personalities” by Rob Pruitt at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in the West Village.

4 thoughts on “Art Connoisseur

  1. The fluid metal sculpture made from toys reminds me of an exhibit you & I went to at a Houston museum years ago, Mark. It was literally piles of trash enclosed in large clear plastic boxes. Interesting, but honestly, I recall thinking and probably said out loud, “This is art?” 🙂 Henry looks really interested in one of the toys above his head and also in the cats. It’s great y’all are taking him to see all kinds of art, plus y’all managed to keep him from petting the cats & playing in the sand !

    • I remember that exhibit and it’s a good comparison to the Fluid Metal sculpture. It was a career retrospective of an artist named Arman.

      You’re right, some of his work was actual trash in plastic cases. Some was based on accumulations of massive amounts of the same item (tools, shoes, musical instruments). Still others were elaborately destroyed items like a sliced saxophone, burned grand piano, etc.

      • Hi, Mark – You have a good “art memory!” I’d have never remembered the artist’s name. Now that you mentioned the destroyed items, I just recalled a partially burned violin in that exhibit and I felt kind of sad for the violin.

  2. PS – Thanks, Jacqui & Mark, for sharing your wonderful son and all of your fun & interesting weekend activities with us! I just love the website!

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