Book Boat

We took a short walk to Pier 25 where the LILAC Steamship is docked and for a limited time is host to a floating library.

Henry at the helm:

8 thoughts on “Book Boat

  1. Wait now? Is this that boat that has been docked their for the last couple years, just not open to the public? I think I have several pictures of this boat?

    • Yes, you’ve probably seen it before. The Lilac has been docked at the same pier for several (?) years and open to the public as a museum but with irregular/seasonal hours.

      The floating library idea was conceived and organized by artist, Beatrice Glow, who I believe we talked to aboard the ship yesterday.

      You can read more about the ship’s history and library by clicking the red-colored links in the text of this post.

  2. Great photos, Mark. Looks like another great outing. Love the idea of the floating library, I think Houston & Galveston & N.O. should copy N.Y. on this. Our Henry boy is so cute, I love seeing him “reading” his book, and turning the ship’s wheel. He’s interested in everything!

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