Sand Beneath Their Feet

Mark went on an all guy’s camping trip over the weekend. Henry and I decided to have our own getaway so we headed to Connecticut to see Isla, Jessica and Gray. The kids, once again, got along really well. They both had a great time on the beach, throwing wet sand and getting their feet, faces, hands and clothes very dirty in the process. It has been great to see the Burn family several times this summer especially since Isla and Henry’s vocabularies are expanding and they are able to actually have small forms of conversation now.

7 thoughts on “Sand Beneath Their Feet

  1. We were really amazed at how great they were together, but this is not the first time they have interacted well together. Jess and I found a lot of joy watching them.

  2. Both Henry and Isla are such beautiful children and seem to get along great! I love the beach photos and the videos, just watching these two enjoying the beach brought smiles to my face. That must be so much fun to hear Isla and Henry talking to each other. So glad you & Henry had such a fun weekend while Mark was away on his camping trip. Hope he had a terrific time, too!

    • It was a really nice time and the beach in fall was really neat. Since we didn’t grow up around water, I think I still find it awe-inspiring.

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