3 thoughts on “Soul Brother #2

  1. Really cute and funny, Mark! Before opening the photo I was already smiling at your comment that Henry “has been a fan since he was just a boy.” I clicked back and again enjoyed the video of Henry last December watching and “dancing” with James Brown. Seeing him with his pacifier (Henry, not JB !) made me realize I haven’t seen him with it lately, so assume he must have given it up. Was that a struggle? Way back when, your dad and I got Uncle Chris to give his “paci” to Santa – bribed him with the promise of toys and it worked!

  2. Henry gave up his pacifier cold-turkey about six months ago. We didn’t use any particular strategy, just put it away. He did seem to compensate by becoming more fixated on carrying his toy cars everywhere soon after.

    • Well, great, I’m glad it wasn’t an ordeal for y’all or for Henry. I thought he was cute (when we saw him in June) carrying his little cars around.

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