Weekend Roundup

Fall is a busy season for cultural events in the city and Henry is at a fun age to start attending some of them. Photoville is an ongoing photography exhibit with gallery space inside shipping containers on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Let’s be honest though, Henry would much rather climb on playground equipment than look at a photos. Attending cultural events is mainly for parents to enjoy an adult activity and if we can possibly spark some interest from Henry, it’s an added bonus. It is nice when the two combine a little bit as in the Sesame Street exhibit (see previous post).

On another note, while walking home from the playground on Sunday, we passed by the firehouse (FDNY Tower Ladder 1/Engine 7) in our neighborhood. We just happened to turn Henry in the direction of the firetrucks, and an incredibly nice (and handsome too) firefighter, Patrick invited us into the firehouse for closer look at the firetrucks. Henry was very excited and it really made me appreciate all the firefighters of New York City.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Henry looks adorable in his “Saints” outfit and also looks like he just loved being on that Firetruck. That was very nice of the Fireman to let Henry explore the truck. As I’ve said before, “Everybody loves Little Henry”.

  2. The fireman looks like Justin Theroux! And wow — I really want to go to that Sesame Street exhibit! I just found early seasons of Sesame St, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and The Electric Company on Amazon Prime streaming video. Score!

    • Isla would definitely like the exhibit. It has a lot of the original items which is interesting if you grew up on it too. I am sure you would both enjoy it. If you make a day of it, plan to go to another museum on the UWS as it doesn’t take long to get through it. I didn’t actually watch Sesame Street a lot growing up, but really like all the images from the 70’s as if I did watch it more. I really like watching it with Henry now. The firefighter was rather good looking and a being nice to my child helped, wink, wink.

  3. What a terrific weekend for y’all – an art exhibit & Sesame Street exhibit and getting to tour the fire station. Such a nice (& yes, good-looking!) firefighter to invite y’all to tour the trucks, etc. As Betty says, “everyone loves Henry”! I loved each and every photo. And I also really do appreciate firefighters everywhere, but esp. in NYC. They’re all heroes. PS – I’m curious – what’s the orange bracelet Henry was wearing on his ankle?

    • That was the bracelet to get into the Photoville exhibit. It didn’t fit on his wrist because it was too big so Mark put it on his ankle. I was wondering if anyone might notice that. We are looking forward to seeing you next week. It is coming soon.

      • Hi, Jacqui ! Me, too, can’t wait to see y’all ! Thanks for satisfying my curiousity about the bracelet – I’d wondered if it was an ID in case Henry got lost.

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