Halloween ’14

For Halloween this year we took Henry trick-or-treating at the American Museum of Natural History after a fun day celebrating with his daycare friends. So he spent most of his day dressed as a T.Rex which was especially appropriate for the museum visit.

Maryellen and the daycare crew in costume.

Maryellen and the daycare crew in costume.

Cranky T-Rex

Today we marched in the Annual Washington Market Park Halloween Parade. Neighborhood kids and parents march down Greenwich Street in costumes and enter the park for a variety of Halloween activities. My sister and I almost participated last year, but both our kids fell asleep in their strollers before it started. Henry may have been tired this year too because he didn’t seem very excited about the events today.

Saturday Soccer

Henry started an eight week soccer program today. Mark and I tried to corral him several times back into the drills, but he wasn’t really focused on the actual soccer ball or the structure of the class. He was more interested in running all over the gym and jumping up and down. Hopefully, he will learn to be more focused as the program continues. Either way, we are happy he will have an outlet for his never-ending energy — at least on Saturdays.