Grete’s Great Gallop

Today, I ran a half-marathon, Grete’s Great Gallop. I haven’t run this race for several years as it was previously held in the hottest part of August and I had never done particularly well. Luckily, the schedule has changed, and it was a perfect fall day for running. I ran a PHPB (Post Henry Personal Best). The hills of Central Park are never easy, but knowing my two favorite people were waiting at the finish inspired me to push through. Henry, Mark and I played on the Sheep Meadow afterwards and enjoyed listening to an Irish folk band near the bandshell.

As a sidenote, the race is named after Grete Waitz who was a nine-time NYC Marathon champion. She died of cancer in 2011. You can see more details about the fundraising efforts on the Fred’s Team homepage. I did not raise money, but definitely believe in the cause.

4 thoughts on “Grete’s Great Gallop

  1. Congratulations on finishing your half-marathon, Jacqui ! And with a PHPB, too ! Such adorable photos and video of Jacqui and Henry playing football. I agree with Jacqui, it is a little scary to see your kid playing football. I never objected when my boys wanted to play on a team, but was secretly relieved when they didn’t. Now they know the truth 🙂 What a beautiful, fun day at the park y’all had!

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