Farewell Hug

Grandma Lois went back to Houston today after her visit. Henry enjoyed having her on hand to teach him new words and then illustrate them for him to color. We’ll all miss her but hope to see her again soon.

Farewell hug

A farewell hug for Grandma Lois

4 thoughts on “Farewell Hug

  1. Well, with my emotions on the surface always…this one made me tear up I have to admit. Pretty hard on a grandma, believe you me.

  2. Aunt Trix & Jonene are both right – it was really hard to hug Henry goodbye. I admit to a few tears in the taxi on way to airport. And yes, Henry is gifted in many ways – such a little charmer, he captured my heart all over again. And I so enjoyed watching Jacqui being such a loving, patient and fun mom and Mark being such a terrific, attentive and fun dad. Henry hit the jackpot in the parents dept! I miss him so much and also miss Jacqui and Mark who both went out of their way to be wonderful hosts during my visit. Just wish we could all erase some of the many miles between NYC and Houston, Wyoming and New Orleans and see them more often.

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