5 thoughts on “Shampoo Horn

  1. Henry looks like he is enjoying everything about his bath and shampoo. I know both of you have noticed, he is growing-up too fast.

  2. How beautiful our Henry is, so cute splashing and playing in the tub. Yes, agree with Betty, he’s growing up so fast ! PS – Henry has beautiful straight teeth. I hope his 2nd teeth grow also are straight and he won’t need braces, unlike his Aunt Cheryl, his Uncle Chris and his daddy Mark who all needed braces when younger. Hope Henry takes after Jacqui’s family for great teeth, or after his Paw-Paw Butch who also was blessed with really good teeth ! By the way, I loved watching our boy enjoying his food – his little squares of P,B& J sandwich and pizza and the little goldfish crackers he loves – Yum!

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