Chain Link Motorcycle Messiah

We stopped on the way home from daycare to inspect a motorcycle parked on top of a sidewalk Jesus in front of more of those mysterious H’s woven into chain link fences. (We’d previously encountered another H farther downtown last year.)



4 thoughts on “Chain Link Motorcycle Messiah

  1. John Mark thinks he knows the identity of the mysterious H’s artist. But no guesses on the sidewalk Jesus with dollar signs artist. Yes, our Henry boy is interested in everything he sees. He could grow up to be an artist – he’s so smart and so good looking, he can be anything he wants to be! Love from one of his unbiased Grandma’s !

  2. Well if JM considers me a prime suspect, I’m flattered because I think the H’s are clever. However between my job and kid, I don’t have much time leftover for surreptitious public art projects anymore.

    • Aha – “anymore” – so once upon a time, maybe you ran all over NYC leaving graffiti and other outdoor art projects 🙂 Come to think of it, I seem to recall a painting done near a bridge with the help of a blow-torch. Yep, JM suspects you are the “H” artist. But they do look kind of time consuming. And as you point out, you have a very full life especially since our Henry was born. I know we all appreciate the time you & Jacqui spend updating the website so we can watch your son grow taller and cuter all the time! Miss y’all a lot.

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