Head Cold Henry


Henry on Thursday.

Henry has been battling a very bad cold this week and hasn’t been very energetic. It is the season for sick children, or so I am told. Most of his friends at daycare are battling some form of the same cold (symptoms include deep cough, red goopy eyes, runny nose, whining and lots of cuddling, which doesn’t bother me).  Henry has been in his “tigee” (tiger) pajama set most of the week when not at daycare and gets pretty upset if we try to put him into something different after his bath. Hopefully, he will feel better soon.

4 thoughts on “Head Cold Henry

  1. Our poor sweet baby! I can see in his eyes he feels terrible. Praying for him to be well soon. I know his being sick is also hard on mom & dad. Love & hugs from Gamma

  2. Vaporizer is a must. Lots of rest, and some children strength echinacea I swear by. Granny z is a cold genius . He has to be well to come!!!!
    Love ya and will pray for his healing.

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