8 thoughts on “Family Circle

  1. I see that now that Jacqui is working again, you guys have upgraded your apartment. Looks great guys! You now have an expansive foyer! Is that table a George Nakashima? Congrats on the new place, now I can bring lots of friends when I come!

  2. Yes, my job is so great we were able to upgrade very quickly. This place has so much space, we wanted to show it off. It was on Million Dollar Listing, we saw it, and had to have it. Thanks Betty, Henry is feeling lots better and back to his wild self (minus some residual coughing). Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      • If only it were so. Jacqui and her sister are indulging in some real estate wishful thinking. We’re still in the same apartment in the same neighborhood and happy to be here.

        This was just an impromptu photo taken in the showroom of a furniture maker in Soho. It’s an impressive space and they sell these enormous round mirrors.

  3. Well, when Betty told me to go look on-line at your new place, I did, but I knew that even if y’all did somehow lose your minds and move into such a place, you still wouldn’t have purchased all that expensive furniture! It’s a great photo, though, Mark, and would make a nice Christmas card! Betty called me back today to tell me y’all didn’t actually move, and I told her about Skippy being a “genuine miniature Norwegian stable hound” even though this time my son wasn’t the instigator of the new apartment rumor – Jacqui & Julie both have a great sense of humor!

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