Wyoming Roundup

More highlights from Henry’s and my trip to Wyoming are seen in this photo gallery. Henry was able to visit most people in my family and everyone really enjoyed seeing him again, especially since he got really sick last time we visited (before he was one year’s old).


4 thoughts on “Wyoming Roundup

  1. Y’all really did a lot during your visit! So glad Henry and Mae and all of Jacqui’s family got to visit together and have such a wonderful time ! As one of his grandma’s I know how happy his Wyoming grandparents were to see him. Each photo is very interesting, and so different from Henry’s home in NYC, I bet he loved every experience !

  2. Guess you need to get some tires and a four wheeler if you really want to be in pictures. Ha ha. It was not a deliberate slight. Sorry we did not have more of you with the kids.

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