Cookie Walk ’14

This past weekend, Henry, Mark and I attended the Annual Cookie Walk, (although this was the first time we heard of it and attended it). It was a fun holiday event in which church parishioners at St. Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Church, bake a variety of holiday themed cookies and sell them to raise money for their church. Henry was able to gather as many cookies as would fill a Chinese food takeout box. He also crafted a snowman from marshmallows. Currently, Henry is very intrigued by snowmen and really wants to build one. He ended up eating one instead.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Walk ’14

  1. What a fun outing – I absolutely love these photos! Tell Henry that Gamma loves snowmen, too and I really love the one Henry helped to make (and eat!). And now I’m really hungry for cookies! Hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas and Santa’s good to y’all. Miss and love y’all so much!

  2. Once again, Henry is enjoying another adventurous afternoon. He is so cute. Bill and I wish you, Mark and Henry a Merry Christmas.

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