Window Snowman

As mentioned in a previous post, Henry has been intrigued by snowmen lately. This started a few weeks ago and his interest has grown since our trip to Wyoming. On our way to daycare each day, we are able to stop and see a snowman decoration in the window of the Liquor Store (J Crew). We stop and point out all its parts, “terret” for carrot nose, and “toes” (but I tell him it doesn’t have toes), “eyes”,  “hat”, and “scarf”.  Today I accidentally passed it, but he was quick to remind me “mommy, snowman” so we went back and said “hi” and took the picture below. Mark said he stops on the way home from daycare too. Hopefully we can build a real snowman for him at some point this winter.

JCrew Snowman

Happy Henry in front of the snowman in the window.

2 thoughts on “Window Snowman

  1. So cute that he reminded you to stop when you forgot! Tell Henry his Gamma Lois loves snowmen, too. I used to have a whole collection but had to give some away when they threatened to rise up & take over the entire house. Still, my one impulse purchase this season? Salt & pepper shaker snowmen – I’m hopeless! The one snowman I ever got to build was when we lived in Bakersfield, CA and there was a rare snowfall there. I do hope y’all can build one with Henry this winter – he’d love it!

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