Staten Island Ferry Ride

Recently, we watched a movie that showed the Statue of Liberty in the first scene and ever since Henry has been saying he wants to see the “Schachoo of Liberty”. I would point it out to him on our jogs last summer, but the view from the stroller is not quite the same as seeing it close up while riding the Staten Island Ferry. He was excited and kept saying we were riding a blue boat. He also enjoyed seeing the tugboats and barges passing by. His first time on the ferry was a few years ago and he was only seven months old.

2 thoughts on “Staten Island Ferry Ride

  1. Once again, Henry is enjoying another adventure.. I absolutely love how much attention you and Mark give to little Henry. Of course, we all enjoy seeing all the fun you are having with your son.

  2. I agree with Betty – I love how y’all pay attention to Henry and always give him such great adventures and experiences. How cute that he wanted to see “the Schachoo of Liberty !” Such a smart little boy! Tell him that Gamma Lois loves the “Schachoo” also ! I’d guess almost everyone in the U.S. who loves our country loves that statue. And since my dad was French, I’ve always been glad it was a gift from France.

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