4 thoughts on “I, Robot

  1. How cute both boy & costume are, you did great, Jacqui ! You’re always doing creative things with Henry & I can see he’s delighted! Many moons ago, when Butch and I only had Cheryl & Chris, one Halloween we made “space alien” costumes for our 2 kids. If I remember correctly, Butch spray painted the boxes sort of a royal blue, and we had aluminum foil “antennae” coming out of their headbands. A few of their neighborhood friends’ folks also made box costumes that year. One girl’s box was decorated like a gift, with bows around the box. These are the great things you’ll always remember from your kids’ childhoods ! (or at least remember in a fuzzy-brained way !) Somewhere in this house is a photo from that Halloween which would prove or dis-prove the accuracy of my memory!

      • Yes, this was when we lived in Meraux, and you came along maybe 2 yrs later, exactly 5 days after we moved to Chalmette, La. But I’m glad you recall the photos so I know my memory’s still somewhat accurate! I remembered another detail – we glued silver stars to the blue boxes, prob. made from alum foil, too, just like the antennae. I wonder if your dad remembers our creative collaboration that year. Box costumes are great, only hard to sit down in ! Another detail I just recalled – one of the other neighborhood kid’s box costume was a TV, also with foil antennae! Pretty neat & pretty cheap costumes – they should be in a New York museum now 🙂 Save Henry’s – it’s a work of art!

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