Hearty Day

We got a nice Valentine’s surprise from Aunt Juj and Cousin Mae, lots of homemade heart doilies and comic books. We hung the doilies on Henry’s window so Henry could look at them all day. Grandma Lois also sent Henry a few Valentine’s Day themed books and he received a card from Aunt Carol. He loves receiving packages and was really excited about all the gifts.

3 thoughts on “Hearty Day

  1. Love these pics of him with the hearts. I showed Mae that what we working on made it to New York and Heny with them. She was really thrilled! Lots of love from Wyoming to New York. Must be cool for little kids to see!

  2. “Heny” loved the hearts and also hanging them on the window. He also liked the video of Mae singing “Happy Birthday” to mom and he is looking at the comic books daily.

  3. The heart doilies are really creative & pretty. So glad Henry enjoyed Valentine’s day. Hope ya’ll did too, and also enjoyed Jacqui’s birthday!

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