Carnival King of Murray Street

Thanks to Paw Paw for sending us a king cake for Mardi Gras again. It arrived on Saturday and as of Fat Tuesday, we literally felt a bit fat, having already eaten the whole thing. Henry and I wore the complimentary beads that come with the cake and danced around the house to all the classic Mardi Gras songs. Happy Mardi Gras!

8 thoughts on “Carnival King of Murray Street

  1. It looks like a very good king cake. Did Jacqui like it also? HEB (a grocery store here) prepares king cake, but they are on the dry side. It is just not the same as one from Louisiana.

  2. I do like the king cake Paw Paw sends and it is from Haydel’s. I am under the impression that unless you get it from Louisiana, it might not be that good, ha ha. Mark found the baby in the very first piece we cut. In past years, we didn’t find it so quickly or easily.

  3. Jacqui, Randazzo’s was a bakery that was located in Chalmette, Louisiana and people would come from all over the city to buy their king cakes from this particular bakery. Now, I believe other relatives have opened other Randazzo’s in other parts of the city, such as Metairie, Louisiana and maybe even across the lake.

  4. What a beautiful King Cake and since it’s from Haydel’s, it must have been delicious, too! As Betty said, Randazzo’s in Chalmette (where Mark was raised) was also well known for their KIng Cakes. When I lived in Chalmette and worked in downtown N.O., bosses & co-workers would ask me to pick up their King Cakes from Randazzo’s and at times, I had as many as 9 King Cakes to balance while walking the 2 blocks from the parking lot to the bldg. I’m prejudiced being from N.O, but I just love all those traditions! Glad that thanks to your dad, y’all can participate in one of them!

  5. PS – Jacqui, it made me smile to think of you & your boy wearing the beads and dancing around to the Mardi Gras classics! I’m happy Henry will know the traditions where his dad’s side of the family came from. And of course he’ll also learn Wyoming’s western traditions. One day he might wear a western hat and chaps, etc & ride a bucking bronco in a Mardi Parade while hollering “Go, Laramie, laissez le bon temps roulez!”

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