3 thoughts on “Snowy Sidewalking

  1. I find that my cheeks hurt from smiling so big after watching Henry’s video’s. I loved hearing him talk. Thanks for helping start my Sunday the right way!

  2. Glad you like the video Terra. He enjoyed walking in the snow, but what is not on video is us turning the corner and Henry discovering the library was closed for renovations. Ha ha. This is when the meltdown happened.

  3. This video is great, I love the fact that the cold and snow didn’t keep y’all from enjoying your Saturday. Henry only gets more beautiful as he grows, and of course smarter all the time. My heart is filled with joy seeing once again how Jacqui’s such a wonderful mom and Mark’s such a terrific daddy to my favorite grandson! PS – too bad the library was closed, I can just imagine Henry’s disappointment and that’s hard for a 2 year old, poor baby! And poor mommy & daddy who had to deal with the meltdown, but as usual, I’m sure y’all dealt with it very well.

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