3 thoughts on “Homestyle Haircut

  1. It’s unbelievable how still Henry was while Mark was cutting his hair. You will have to take another picture showing us the finished product. As always, Henry is just an adorable child!

  2. I held his hand through the cut and he did do well this time. It was pretty short after all was said and done, but this is not shown in latest pics because he has a hat on.

  3. What a good boy Henry was for his haircut! Jacqui, so glad you were there to hold Henry’s hand. When Mark was that young, long hair for boys was in style, so he rarely had to get a “boy’s cut”. But I have a photo of Uncle Chris at 2 or 3 getting a haircut from his dad and it was a rough time! Mark, your intent expression reminds me so much of your dad’s when he was cutting your brother’s hair. Good job, by the way, Henry always looks great!

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