Snowman Peek-a-Boo

With plenty of wet snow and temperatures in the 40’s, conditions were optimal for Henry to achieve his lifelong dream of building a snowman today in Washington Market Park. peekaboo_snowman

4 thoughts on “Snowman Peek-a-Boo

  1. It was hard to believe that this was the first time for Henry to build a snowman and also since the temps were at 40 degrees. Today we are staying at 32 degrees in Central Texas. As always, Henry looks like he was having a lot of fun with his Dad.

  2. What fun photos & Mr. Snowman looks great! How great for Henry to achieve his life-long dream at 2 and a half ! Now he’s needs a new life dream 🙂 I’d been wondering how y’all were doing in all the blizzards/winter storms the weather channel talks about. Now I can see y’all run out to have fun whenever you can, in between the snow flakes. Like Henry, I love snowmen & y’all’s is the best!

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