Year of the Ram

We went looking for noodles and inadvertently ran into dragons instead. Well, they looked like dragons anyway, but once I looked it up, I found out they were lions. As part of the ongoing Chinese New Year celebrations, lion dance troupes perform in the streets of Chinatown. The colorful lions visit businesses and they are greeted with money offerings in red envelopes as a symbol of good luck in the upcoming year.

Henry was a bit frightened of the lions up close, but from the window of the restaurant, he found them intriguing. We had never been to the Nom Wah Tea Parlor, but it is a Chinatown staple and the dim sum really hit the spot since it is still pretty cold here.

3 thoughts on “Year of the Ram

  1. Since ya’ll enjoy so many new adventures, when Henry gets to be a little older, you should come to New Orleans to see Mardi Gras so he can catch beads and trinkets or even the St. Patrick’s parade in Metairie where they throw cabbages, potatoes, or whatever.

  2. How exciting and interesting for Henry and for ya’ll. It’s amazing how many fun adventures y’all find in NYC. The Chinese New Year and the costumes did kind of remind me of Mardi Gras. Yes, he’d love N.O. Mardi Gras when he’s a bit older. I love hearing our boys’ voice. He’s really talking well now! Love & miss y’all so much.

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