NYC Half Marathon 2015

I ran the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon today. I haven’t run this race since its first inception ten years ago. Although I often say only tourists go to Times Square, it was actually a thrilling experience to run through the area with the streets closed just for runners. I had a great cheering section: Henry, Mark, Eamonn and our friend Mimi whose boyfriend, Mike ran the race too. There are no pictures of me actually running because I passed by them so fast, Mark was unable to get a photo (joking, only joking).

Ladies’ Man

Henry has known Stella and Halsey for about two years now. Halsey and him get picked up from daycare at the same time so they started holding hands and walking to the corner together. At each parting they hug and say their goodbyes and Henry usually says “no, come back” as he watches Halsey walk away.