NYC Half Marathon 2015

I ran the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon today. I haven’t run this race since its first inception ten years ago. Although I often say only tourists go to Times Square, it was actually a thrilling experience to run through the area with the streets closed just for runners. I had a great cheering section: Henry, Mark, Eamonn and our friend Mimi whose boyfriend, Mike ran the race too. There are no pictures of me actually running because I passed by them so fast, Mark was unable to get a photo (joking, only joking).

4 thoughts on “NYC Half Marathon 2015

  1. Hi, Jacqui, Congratulations on running the race, I’m so proud of you! And the photos of Mark & Henry are absolutely adorable. I love seeing Henry on his daddy’s shoulders, both of them smiling and cheering you on. Also liked the “cheering Mom” sign. Thanks for sharing y’all’s lives with us. As y’all know I can’t run, but with the help of my trusty cane, I’m still walking for 30 min several days each week in the neighborhood. I imagine I’ve become a “character” in the subdivision, the little old lady hobbling along – oh, well, like Grandpa Henry used to say about health issues, “better than the alternative!”

  2. Jacqui, this is the first time I am looking at this e-mail. (I guess I am somewhat behind in looking at my mail.) I think that is such a cute picture of Henry and Mark cheering you on.

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