3 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

  1. What a cute boy out in the rain? or snow? Anyway, he’s a cutie in his cool boots and jacket and cap. Not much like Spring yet in New York, I guess. It’s been raining a lot in Houston, but of course our temps are higher. I can’t say I look forward to Spring here as it seems to last about 2 weeks, then we’re burning up until October. Oh, well, if we want nice weather most of the year, we should all move to the southern California coast! Of course we’d have to live in tents and be beach bums!

  2. The question is — Snow/Rain? I saw on the news that ya’ll were having a lot of snow. Henry does not seem to mine having his picture taken even in the snow/rain. He is just too cute for words. Well, Happy First Day of Spring!

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