Ham, Cheese and Cauliflower Galette

Although Henry does not eat much more than sandwiches every night for dinner, he enjoyed helping me prepare tonight’s galette. When brushing the egg onto the pie crust, he called it painting. He is a good little helper and very meticulous.

Ham, Cheese and Cauliflower Galette recipe from Woman’s Day Kitchen

6 thoughts on “Ham, Cheese and Cauliflower Galette

  1. Ha ha. Aunt Juj, he wouldn’t eat any of it. That is what Mark and I were kind of hoping for, but he did not want to even try one bite. Well, we will keep trying. He just loves his sandwiches.

  2. Wow, that dish look delicious, Jacqui! If it’s sort of easy to do, I’d love the recipe. I’d never have known what a galette was. Henry was a terrific little helper! I predict that one of these days, but probably not for a few years, he’ll start eating all kinds of veggies and everything that mom and dad eat. All my kids were picky eaters so if Henry’s kind of picky, you can blame that on Mark’s family. But not on Paw Paw Butch, he’s always been an adventurous gourmet diner. So I guess the pickiness comes from Gamma Lois. But even I grew out of it and now eat most foods, but not raw oysters or sushi. Not adventurous enough for that!

    • It’s tasty. You can click the words, “Woman’s Day Kitchen” for the recipe. All of the red words in the text (or blue words, if you’re on a mobile device) throughout the site are clickable links.

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