Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

We went to Madison Square Park and environs to sample the food and music at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. There were chefs/pitmasters from all over the country and opportunities to try all different regional styles. Even Henry, who’s sometimes a picky eater, couldn’t resist the ribs and pulled pork.

2 thoughts on “Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

  1. Love the name, “Big Apple Barbeque Block Party”. And now I’m hungry for your pulled pork, Mark. Get out the crockpot, I’ll be their for dinner tonite! I’ve made your pulled pork recipe a couple of times and now I feel like making it again before long. So happy to see Henry enjoying that delicious food!

  2. correction to above comment “I’ll be THERE for dinner tonight!” (My 3rd grade grammar teacher would be appalled at my misuse of the word “their” !)

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