Graduation Day

We attended Henry’s graduation at SoHo Child Care yesterday. Maryellen gave each child a cape and hat as they marched to “Pomp and Circumstance”. We were happy to watch him in what was the first of many graduation ceremonies.

It is amazing to see how far Henry has come since starting daycare in 2013. Maryellen, Martha, Sophia and his friends there have become like family. As always, we are very thankful for all the ladies for everything they do for Henry and all the children at SoHo. Henry will continue to attend for post-graduate studies until December.

9 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. As always Henry looks adorable in his graduation apparel. Did he realize what this occasion was all about?

    • He was excited and I think he knew it was something to be proud of. Maybe it’s just rote, but when he was congratulated, he’d reply with a “thank you”.

      The real fun for him was when the gowns became capes and the masks were added.

  2. Oh wow! This brought tears to my eyes. Just thinking of how fast it’s all happened. So proud of who this little guy is!! Congrats Henry!! Love you soon much!!

  3. Agree with Aunt Juj – Henry’s just growing up so fast! I’m so proud of our boy. All the graduates are adorable, and Henry was so grown up replying “thank you” to being congratulated! Congratulations, Henry Clyde, on the first (we hope!) of many more graduations! Love you, Apple of my Eye ! PS – Maryellen seems to be wonderful with these little ones!

  4. Jacqui, I told Lois last night that I meant to comment on your picture also. You have that glow. Congratulations to you and Mark about the future arrival of another son.

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