Independence Weekend ’15

We celebrated the Fourth of July holiday without ever really leaving the neighborhood. There were festivities downtown that included reenactors in Revolutionary period costume, several replica ships docked in the harbor (like Layfeyette’s Hermione) and, of course, fireworks. Henry also became an actual movie-goer, when we took him to watch “Inside Out” , his first movie in a theater. He enjoyed it even though it was a struggle for him to weigh his seat down.

2 thoughts on “Independence Weekend ’15

  1. Thanks for sharing y’all’s 4th of July celebration with us! And all of it right there in your neighborhood. I happen to love fireworks and that looked like a great show. I loved the smiley face ones, didn’t know they could do that. But did see a heart shaped one in Katy this year, thanks to Cheryl and Shannon visiting and taking me. Also loved the drummers in period costume. Who’s the statue, Jefferson? And what bldg. what that, maybe the stock exchange bldg.? And terrific that Henry saw his first movie in a theatre! Our boy’s getting so big, but cute as ever!

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