My Kid’s a Damned Artistic Genius

Maybe I’m succumbing to the sort of parental pride that skews perception, but the other day I was impressed to see that when Henry said he made Superman out of Duplo building blocks, it was actually a pretty recognizable, minimalist abstraction of Superman. Lego_Superman_07.03.15

4 thoughts on “My Kid’s a Damned Artistic Genius

  1. I love it! Henry IS an artistic genius, just as my younger son is! Still have a box of your kindergarten work around here, Mark. Will have to send it to you one day as a reminder of your own great talent, even at 5 years old. Not that I’m biased or anything, being your mom 🙂

  2. wow! Right down to the different color block spandex undies! So cool Henry! Pretty amazing. I think you may be right Mark! We always kinda knew though right?

  3. I totally agree with you Mark, Henry is a genius. I have noticed that Henry has so many talents it is amazing.

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