Governors Island Trip

Today, we took a ferry ride to Governor’s Island with Colm and Eamonn. We had not been there since before Henry was born and it was nice to see the landscaping changes as well as some really interesting art installations. We also explored the Vintage Bus Bash that was taking place there over the weekend. This was a chance to see vintage New York City buses from the New York Transit Museum. Although I had a great time, it was a really hot day and my mind was on finding shade and liquid much of the time. Luckily there were free fans at the transit exhibition and Henry tried to help cool me off on the way home.

One thought on “Governors Island Trip

  1. Such great photos! My dad, Henry, would have loved seeing the vintage buses and the transit museum, as he himself was a bus driver for part of his career with New Orleans Public Service. When my sister and I were little, he drove the Leonidas bus line right past our house! A few times, at night, our mom and us 2 girls rode around and around the route with him to keep him company. How sweet our Henry-boy is to fan his mom to help her cool off! Glad y’all enjoyed your trip.

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