Day Vacation

Henry and I took a day trip to Connecticut to see my friend Sara. We had not visited her since January of 2014. It was nice to get out on the beach with her and her three boys. Henry was a little timid about going in the water at first. Once he saw Sara’s youngest son, Sebastien (just turned 2) fearlessly swimming in, he decided he would like to take a chance too. Thanks to Sara for hosting us and taking Henry all the way out to the dock. It was wonderful to see Henry laughing in the water. He loved hanging out with all three boys and was very sad to leave saying, “I really miss them,” with tears before we even got on the train to head home.

Beach squint

Beach squint

3 thoughts on “Day Vacation

  1. All the boys are so adorable. So glad you & Henry got to spend this great day at the beach with good friends. Thanks for sharing!

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