Hammock Time Again

We attended another barbecue at our friend, Miranda’s, on Saturday and Henry had fun hanging out in the hammock and meeting new friends. Sunday, we went to a nice brunch to celebrate Mark’s and my fifth wedding anniversary.

3 thoughts on “Hammock Time Again

  1. Oh what a nice way to spend the day. Love those folks and loved being there. I recognize that little Emily. Congrats on 5 years together, I remember when I got the call from San Francisco! I keep looking for some belly bump pics but you are pretty discrete with it. Love you all!

  2. Yes, Emily was at the same barbecue you came to, but I don’t know that Henry and her had quite the one on one time they had this time, ha ha. Miranda and Alex are really great hosts and Henry played himself out until 9pm that night, last child standing, then sleeping. I definitely have a baby bump, but must not show too well with the dark colors.

  3. Looks like such a fun day for y’all. I can tell how active our Henry boy is, jumping down those steps so fearlessly! So nice y’all got to spend a good time with good friends, and cute kids for Henry to play with, too. Also happy y’all got to go to a nice brunch for anniversary #5 – Congratulations! I, too, remember that call from San Francisco. I thought at first it was one of Mark’s tall tales, just kidding around. Then when I realized it was true, I burst into joyful tears!

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