Oh Brother!

Today I got an ultrasound (anatomy scan) of Baby Cousin II. Henry was a little confused by the image, asking “where is he?” and “where did that come from?” It is probably confusing to see a picture of the little brother we keep telling him is in my belly. Either way, he is pretty excited about “Belt” (Henry’s name for brother) and said he will teach him a lot.


4 thoughts on “Oh Brother!

  1. Oh man! I couldn’t love this any more!! So excited to meet baby and see Henry as a big brother! His confusion is adorable too. So smart and inquisitive….”where is he?” Haha. So cute. Love you all so much!!!

  2. I agree with Aunt Juj ! Henry’s so adorable in his reaction. How did he come up with “Belt”? I guess because the baby’s near your belt-line if you were wearing one, but I assume at this point you’re no longer wearing belts. I’m so excited that I can see Baby Brother’s image so clearly in this ultrasound. Can’t wait to meet him! And I bet Henry will teach his brother a lot and they will grow up to be best buddies! I bet Mark was happy to see this image, too!

  3. Henry is just too cute and so inquisitive. I, too, agree with all the other comments that Henry will teach his little brother a lot of things.

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