Visit from Paw Paw Butch

Henry’s grandfather, Paw Paw Butch came in from New Orleans yesterday to visit and celebrate Henry’s birthday on Saturday and his own on Sunday. Today they rode the SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park before taking the Staten Island Ferry and returning home to have pre-birthday bear cake (as specifically requested by Henry) and play some more.

4 thoughts on “Visit from Paw Paw Butch

  1. These are great. So glad he and his Grandpa could celebrate together. That cake is adorable! Happy Happy Birthday Henry Boy!

  2. So great that Paw Paw Butch could go up to celebrate Henry’s 3rd b’day & his own b’day. That’s a beautiful carousel with the giant fish. Pls lead me to it whenever I get up there again! And the cake which I assume Jacqui made, is terrific, very creative. I still think Jacqui should have an on-line baking business, she’s so creative! Like maybe cakes shaped like the Chrysler bldg. & other NYC landmarks, in addition to all the animals and superheroes for little kids’ birthdays. I’m ready to place my order now. But I want a N.O. landmark, like the St. Louis Cathedral or possibly a fleur-de-lis !

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