First Fall Saturday

Henry and I stopped at the Mmuseumm in August. He has been talking about it several times since so we decided to take a leisurely stroll and stop in again today. It is a really interesting tiny museum that sits inside an old freight elevator that opens to Cortlandt Alley. The ally itself is used as a set for many movie and photo shoots. Years ago I walked by the area on my way to work every day and sometimes stopped to try to figure out what movie was being filmed and spotted a few celebrities too.

Washington Market Park shows a few movies outdoors at the end of September and last week Henry and I went to see The Princess Bride. Henry really liked Andre the Giant. Mark was able to join us for The Karate Kid this week. It is a nice, free event in our neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “First Fall Saturday

  1. Oh so many places I want you to take me. I would say next summer, but hopefully we will be in the throws of getting final touches to the house readying it for sale. Maybe by Fall though, that way we can have an early celebration of a year birthday for new “Baby Cousin” and Hanry Boy too! If I don’t have to use my flier miles before, I’m in!

  2. Such an interesting tiny museum! And free kid-friendly outdoor movies, also great. Always so many interesting and fun things to do and see in NYC ! So nice to see the families on the blankets watching the movie. Sort of reminds me of the old drive-in movie theaters. Looks like y’all are having nice weather, too.

  3. Oh that MMuseum was the happiest of surprises to walk up on! Ended up being one of my favorite things! You would love it Trix! So neat that Henry is into it, it is kinda like a tiny size kid museum.

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